Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buzzluck New 3D Casino

Alex Czajkowski, a well known and respected figure in online casino marketing circles from his days has moved up from selling online gambling services to owning them with a new 3D Internet betting venture.

Buzzluck launched in Beta format this week after extensive development work, creating its own buzz with a mix of quality 3D games, responsive support, original design and a charming virtual hostess called Zoe to take care of players and make sure they get the best out of the site.

Whilst an interactive cgi-generated hostess has been used before - Zoe is very well presented and


adds an extra and differentiating element to the online casino's atmosphere, along with an interactive video 3D lobby and a video Live Lounge, creating what Buzzluck claims is a 'supercasino' ambience.

Competitors will bridle at Buzzluck's perhaps provocative claim that "online casinos have typically been the most boring Websites imaginable; we've been working to fix that. So we've created a new site that delivers a larger casino experience, a unique online entertainment experience" and "Buzzluck is an online, live and immersive video entertainment experience, more YouTube than Nintendo. You should feel that you are almost in a real, live casino. And with no need to download anything to enjoy. It is a beta test, so your comments and thoughts are most welcome."

Czajkowski formed the eGaming 2.0 company to start Buzzluck, which is licensed and based on the Mediterranean island of Malta, giving the enterprise an important UK advertising white list advantage. eGaming 2.0 as the holding company has offices in Montevideo, Los Angeles, Manchester and Malta and is headed by Czajkowski, who twice earned Sportingbet plc the prestigious eGaming Review "Non-European Sports Book of the Year" award during a successful corporate career. He was also instrumental in the success of the innovative 'Players Only' Internet gambling venture.

Moving through the interactive Buzzluck 3D lobby is more akin to a "first person shooter" experience than your conventional online casino visit - the player encounters staff, visitors and surprises. And like any busy Vegas casino lobby, Buzzluck's virtual lobby constantly changes as video avatars appear, some bearing gifts of bonuses and cash, and others there for the gambler's amusement....or not!

In the lobby, the audio atmosphere emulates real life: as the player passes through the casino, slot machines sound effects increase and fade, and building sounds emit from the local bingo hall under virtual construction.

On the business end of things, dozens of familiar Flash-based, instant-play games from blackjack to slots to video poker are available, provided by RealTime Gaming, with an RNG tested by third party TST.

Fronted by an amusing Irish stand-up comedian and self-confessed internet geek, the Live Lounge is a place for players to relax and chill out, chat live with visitors over streaming video while tossing clips uncovered in an interactive talk show-cum-clip program unique to the any destination.

Players are being invited to give the beta version of Buzzluck a thorough test drive and let Czajkowski know what they think of it, and how it could be improved from a player perspective.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Play For Free at Online Casinos

fun casinoMany would-be online gamers are often turned off by the fact that online gambling sites require a real life monetary deposit in order to play the games featured on the website. This is not always the case however. There are ways to play for free at virtually every online gaming website that is located on the Internet.

The first place to start looking for free playing options is none other than the online casino gaming themselves. Popular assumption is that online gaming websites only offer pay-to-play games. For many of these websites, the difference between pay-to-play and free games is how the player sets up a user account. There are two main options in setting up a user account on an online gaming website. One is a fun account and one is a cash account.

Registration process is simple and very similar between the two options. For the ‘free account’, players create a user name and password to launch the account. A ‘pay account’ will go one step further and collect credit or debit card information to bill a player for the games played. Players who desire to play online games free of charge to pass the time or see what internet casino gaming is all about will want to create a ‘fun account’. The play-for-free account names vary by website so be sure to check out how individual websites establish these types of accounts.

In addition to setting up a ‘fun account’, online gaming websites also offer free coins for players to try out a variety of different games. This allows new players to gain a feel for the website and learn what games are offered without having to spend money out of their own pocket. Another incentive to play ‘free games’ is the fact that a player earns a registration bonus of a pre-determined coin value to get a player account started. Players can build on this coin value or run it down to zero, click on a button and have the account balance restored. It is a harmless way to engage in online games.

Online gaming websites do have something to gain by offering opportunities for interested players to ‘play for free’. At some point in time, a player may decide to make that switch from a free player account into a paying player account. Although this is the scenario that online casinos hope happens with every player, they also know that is not a practical thought. Business is still business after all so the online gaming websites will take it any way they can.



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